Tips and examples

Acknowledgments thesis graduation: they are not obligatory.

Here, we wanted to say it from the beginning: the choice whether to insert them or not is up to you only.

Surely, they represent one of the most personal parts of the thesis and one of the most read, especially from friends and family.

They deal with the emotions and affections you have experienced in recent years, they talk about the people who spent these moments with you. You don’t have to invent anything, but mention who made a contribution in writing the paper, in any way.

By the way, always remember that your thesis is a test of exam: don’t lose the seriousness that is required. If you want to write particularly original thanks (to the cat, to your plant or to your bike), better insert them in a copy of the thesis other than that to be delivered to the commission.

How to write thanks

First rule: sincerity. Be honest, relax, think about the last few months (years) and take stock of who was close to you and supported you along the way. Many are aiming to be original, but the secret is simply to be sincere.

Second rule: simplicity. Be concise and write in a simple way, there is no need for garbled words to thank but a direct and kind thought.

Third rule: formalities. As said before, it is an exam. If you want to be very original, write funny thanks but put them in a different copy from the one to give to the commission.

Fourth rule: try not to forget important people. You probably already have them all in mind, but you never know. By the way it will be useful to read the list below: in any case, it is better to conclude each section with a sentence like “I also thank all the other friends / other people who have been close to me, but for reasons of space I cannot mention … “.

  • Who to thank in the thesis
  • A short list of the inevitable
  • Rapporteur
  • Co-rapporteur (in this order)

Teachers, assistants, University staff who supported you / helped you, including the secretariat and library staff. Each person will be indicated with his role, emphasizing the role he has held

Friends, friends, colleagues, acquaintances: from the study or work group to the friends with whom you go out at night, thank all those who have been able to give you a hand or simply comfort and help to lift your spirits. You can also enter only the name, not necessarily the surname

  • Partner: if you’re lucky enough to have a good partner, you won’t fail to talk about him too
  • Family: here you can choose whether to give specific thanks to parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles …

Yourself. There are those who like to underline the effort spent to reach this goal, inserting a thought, a reflection addressed to themselves. If it is too informal, the separate copying rule applies.

You can dwell on each of these “categories”, or give more generic thanks that include them together.

Where to insert the acknowledgments

Here are mainly two schools of thought: beginning and end.

The beginning school says that thanks must be placed at the beginning, before the index and after the title page (and any dedication). This is because the guests are not always going to read until the end of your work.

The school at the end of the thesis invites you to insert the acknowledgments in the queue, after the bibliography and website. There is no common rigid rule. Eventually, you can ask your supervisor for a further suggestion (which may be related to a particular type of form).

NB: If you choose to put them at the beginning and you have selected the double-sided printing, then follow the first page (which contains a copy of the title page) and possibly the page with any dedication, a blank page (especially if you choose the front / back option). back). The pages of thanks, like those on the title page, should not be numbered.

Example thesis thanks

To conclude, here is an example, taken from the Ilvinoeleviole website!