Subject of the degree thesis: how to choose it well

The subject of the degree thesis is a complex choice. What you need to do is find a topic that interests you, a question to look for answers.

It must be something that you really care about, to prevent the thesis from becoming a frustrating experience.

Consider that you will have to spend a few months in close contact with the topic of the thesis you have chosen, so choose carefully.

This interest must also be translated into a promising idea: an argument or a problem that, in some aspects, can be tackled in an innovative way. To develop an idea we can use suggestions from third parties and an analysis of the literature, that is to say of what others have already done. Even if you have an idea, the analysis of the literature must be carried out to make sure that this idea has not already come to others.


Here are some suggestions regarding the choice of the topic: do not focus on themes that are too general, such as protecting the planet or hunger in the world.

Better a specific theme, small but current and original.

Try to think about the interest it can have and raise a thesis in psychiatric rehabilitation on the closure of the OPG (March 31, 2015) compared to a thesis on psychiatric rehabilitation in general! Maybe you don’t know anything about this topic: this is the time to go deeper!

To be more generalists: better a thesis on the urban organization of green spaces in the EXPO 2015 area rather than on how an urban project of a green city area is drawn up. We hope to have been more immediate! Not wanting to do too much but badly: better a question about a small thing dealt with seriously and completeness, rather than a macro research that is not very useful and “inconclusive”.

Focusing attention on a specific theme has a decidedly positive secondary effect: you will have to activate, move, take the first steps into the world of work. Maybe looking for new contacts in companies. Can the topic of the thesis potentially also be useful for your future?


Exact! In your first access to the world of work, you will find that if you have done an original thesis, it can be a valuable tool and an excellent presentation of your skills. Writing a good thesis can be a great business card for your favorite company. It also works by considering this scenario, it will help you.


Once you have chosen the macro topic, think of the speaker who seemed to you more up to date on the subject. Try to propose and cross your fingers. Remember that the more proactive you are (eg. Already carrying out an analysis of the existing literature on the topic or a lineup of how you want to deal with the topic), the greater your chance of conviction and your freedom of movement. Perhaps this way you will not risk to undergo a topic of the thesis chosen by him for his interests and you will instead be able to deepen yours. Don’t forget that it must be a subject in which taking the exam has been a real pleasure and has led to good results (at least a 27 is welcome).

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